“Animals make us more human – they awaken our emotions and open our hearts.”
-Temple Grandin

Happy Pets. Happy Life.

“Dr. Budgin is a miracle worker! Our sweet dog Zoe was suffering from horrible skin issues. Dr. Budgin and her wonderful assistant Michele were both so lovely! No other vet could figure out how to treat our Zoe, Dr. Budgin came up with a treatment plan and within weeks Zoe’s skin issues started clearing up. Thank you for your commitment to what you do. I highly recommend Dr. Budgin and her team.”
Deb R.
“I cannot recommend this practice highly enough, specifically Dr. Budgin. My dog has suffered from allergies for years and we have tried almost everything. We couldn’t get over what a thorough exam she provided – she literally went over every inch of his body, including examining his mouth, in between his paw pads, etc. She was very patient with us and the visit was an hour long! Now my dog’s skin is perfect and his incessant licking has stopped. We drive from Long Island and it’s worth the traffic. Dr. Budgin is a rare and wonderful vet dermatologist.”
Marjorie B.
“Dr. Budgin is just phenomenal. Kind and caring with such a professional eye. She was attuned to my kitten immediately. So comfortable with her. Knowledgeable and soothing, she honed in on what was making my kitten uncomfortable & got him to health!!”
Denise P.
“Dr Budgin is an amazing vet—compassionate, kind, and spent so much time with us and our three lb dog.  We were so impressed with her. I highly recommend bringing your pet here. I can’t say enough good things about her. Thanks, Dr. Budgin!”
Jodie O.

“My dog got relief from intense itching that was so bad there was hair loss. Patient, friendly, and knowledgeable. She spent a lot of time with us to see what was happening.  She returns calls and emails. Worth the trip to be seen here. Highly recommend!”

Jennifer E.